After multiple attempts of starting up a blog in the past; 10 years of taking selfies with bad eyebrows, the self-proclaimed golden goddess has finally come down to her senses and decided to impart her inside scoop about the complex yet sensational world of beauty, men and life.

For more than 3years, she has been her own hair & make-up artist and stylist, and she’s not afraid to go crazy with it. Hence, she now has great-shaped eyebrows in her selfies but rarely uploads it.

For as long as she can remember, she’s encountered various stories about men from all walks of life and has witnessed the dating world transgression right before her big, dark-brown eyes. She thinks you can grasp something from her roller coaster-ride (or lack thereof) or simply be fascinated with it.

For 24 years, she lives by a simple dream: an extraordinarily elated sun-kissed life.

Her name is Summer Barroso, and welcome to her whimsical world.