Why Am I Single

For all intents and purposes, I’m sharing the top three reasons why a young hot-blooded Asian in her mid-twenties, who is fluent in English, earns a decent living, and has proper table manners (i.e. myself) is single unlike most of her peers.

1. She won’t settle.

Just because I’m living away from home doesn’t mean I’m lonely. Part of adulthood is having a sense of independence. Eating in restaurants, watching movies and shopping are only few of the things that can be enjoyable even if you’re alone. We can’t depend on other people just so we can get by on every day living. No man is an island, that’s true, but you don’t want to mistakenly have a boyfriend because you don’t have around your best guy pal to laugh with, an older brother to fix a broken laptop or a dad to pay the bills. I know we all have our own reasons and for me, I want something more than just sheer convenience.

2. She’s in the wrong city.

Living in Macau for a little more than 3 years now, I never actually had a normal relationship that lasted for months. People come and go in this place and rarely does anyone call it their home. Take out one year when I had a long distance thing, the rest of the time has just been a cycle of meeting new guys once in awhile who were on short-term employment contracts, business trips and/or holiday vacations. Not that it’s much of a complain for my growing number of contacts across the globe.

3.  Because single ladies really do have more fun.

Yes, we get jealous when we see our friends having lovey-dovey moments with their boyfies but believe me, it doesn’t last more than a minute. Ok, maybe two. The point is, people with no partners are allowed to feel this. But if it was the reverse, your wee-bit insecure boyfriend can’t know that you’re feeling jealous over a girl friend whose phone is blowing up every minute just so guys can land a date with her; being lavished by expensive gifts and unexpected surprises; and dinner dates on the city’s hotspots and skyscrapers when there you are frowning at your phone, waiting at bay for a text from him, wishing he’ll agree to change your dinner plans so you can sport your new Nine West heels, but deep-inside predicted that you’ll end up in the weekly Vietnamese take-out on a Friday night when he screams it’s time for Game of Thrones marathon. Whereas if you are single, you can do WHATEVER you please, go WHEREVER you wish to and be with WHOEVER you want.

Now isn’t that fabulous? :)