It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Tinder

Swipe left, swipe left, swipe rrri..left, swipe left, swipe right. Boom! It’s a match! And just repeat the same process 100 times til you find Mr. Right. But nope, it’s not that easy.

Never judge a book by its cover… until you got Tinder. Here I made the pros and cons about this social media app that has taken the dating scene by storm.


  • It’s one helluva party in your phone.
  • Which means you can stay at home while doing your laundry and still be chatting to a hot new guy at the same time. In the process, you saved 20% of detergent and fabric conditioner off your supposedly smoke-smelling, tequila-spilled party dress.
  • You’re having a fun Fashion Police moment ala eonline. Right for GLAM, left for SHAM.
  • You’re in luck if you have mutual friends; either could verify the identity of one another. For a guy, this will save you from ridicule if you decide to meet and the other party doesn’t turn out to be a real girl as she claimed to be. For a girl, this will save you from embarrassment from finding out that he’s actually married and have three kids and two dogs back home.
  • Tinder one-liners are witty and catchy, can be used as future reference when hitting on a chick/guy at the bar, who might happen to be your match from three months ago before you got ‘serious’ with one.
  • Ladies get free drinks for Friday. Gents get easier late night booty access.
  • It’s safe, and costs nada. Either you block the creeps or actually make friends for life in it.
  • If one date doesn’t pan out, you can easily move onto the next. What’s the hundred other matches for, right?


  • Awkward moments when you turn up in a street corner and almost bumped into a tinder match you’ve been sexting with even before you met.
  • Awkward moments when a match, that you discovered first and ignored because you were busy fishing out in Tinder lake, turned out to be perfect and ironically ended up with your best friend.
  • Which leads to a funny yet another awkward moment when you realize you date guys/girls in the same circle of friends.
  • People who are in relationships find it tempting and easier to date other people through Tinder when they’re out of town. Or out of the house. It’s one re-install away.
  • But those people aren’t smart enough to edit their Tinder photos and wind up with their Facebook profile close-ups of lip-locking with their gfs/bfs and yes, sometimes even wedding photos.
  • Last but definitely, not the least. You accidentally swipe left and your soulmate is gone forever.

All joking aside though, you gotta admit it’s a fun experience. That THRILL you get when the screen flashes ‘It’s A Match’ and the momentarily beeping of your phone with a message, indicating that person has finally done something more than mere swiping. No, I’m not saying that people should forego altogether the traditional way of socializing but nowadays, where people have a more hectic lifestyle than ever, no one wants to sit on a disastrous blind-date for three hours or sign up and pay for online dating sites.

How about you guys? What’s the best and worst of Tinder that you think I missed?


Photo Courtesy: daydreamdzines