Each season, I pick my go-to lipstick and this spring-summer, I allowed myself to go along with the trend. Orange. Bold, bright, orange. It’s everywhere, in fact. People are beginning to accept this color as a fashion staple, I, myself included whereas before, it was my last color of choice. I guess cos in some instances in the past, it was associated with the suit of the precious inmates and when you’re spotted wearing a bright orange anything, you’ll be taunted of having just ‘got out’.

But nowadays, it’s a fashion statement. Its audacious, eccentric hues go well with almost any skin tone. It is less classic than red yet more feisty than pink.

For lippies, you’re sure to find the shade and texture that works for you. My personal fave is a red-orange matte lipstick, like M.A.C. Dangerous, found in the M.A.C. Retro Matte collection that I absolutely love. Glad it’s now back for good!

So go ahead and try on some orange goodness and lemme know what you ladies think!


I like using bright lipstick when I have no make-up on as it instantly brighten up the face.



When I’m all dolled-up, it’s the perfect compliment to a light eyeshadow.


Photo Courtesy: maccosmetics